Valeur [Color Conversion]

Takayoshi Ohara + Tomoyuki Yanagawa


lambda paper, acrylic plate, aluminum, degital gelatin silver print

W880 x H880 x D50 mm

我々の研究の目的は、視覚的な調和や美しさといった人間の感性に関わる部分に対し、現代の技術を用いて妥当性の高い解釈を得ることに加え、その結果を基に表現を行っていくことにある。《Color Conversion》ではこのような試みを、色彩の変換というかたちで提示する。

This work is an attempt to reconstruct colors, based on valeurs quantified using our algorithm.
The “Conversion” named here is intended not simply as the kind of special effect found in image editing software, but as a process for achieving results that are thoroughly attuned to human senses.
For example, if we have as our first image a green circle on a red background, such a conversion could place on a blue background a circle of a color equal in intensity to that of the circle in the first image. Of course, this can be done easily enough by hand. If, in addition to the green circle, circles of other colors are placed on the red background in succession, circles of what colors would then need to be added to the blue background in order to maintain color relationships that appear the same throughout the entire image? Furthermore, what if this process were applied to complex images such as photographs? It may not be possible to control the entire process, up to these minute aspects, by hand. Also, among the circles that have been placed, if the size and/or location of one circle changes, that has an impact on the appearance of the image as a whole. Therefore, this operation cannot be executed merely by comparing the adjoining colors. The kind of image conversion featured in this work, dealing with the interrelationships of all of the pixels in an image, requires our concept of valeur.
The aim of our study is to obtain using modern technology a highly verifiable interpretation of human sensibilities such as visual harmony and beauty, and to produce a presentation based on the results. In 《Color Conversion》, we present this venture in the form of the conversion of colors.