Valeur [Area Conversion]

Takayoshi Ohara + Tomoyuki Yanagawa


paper, acrylic plate, inkjet print

W600 x H600 x D20 mm

色の見えの強さはその面積や形、隣り合う色によって相対的に変化するが、《Area Conversion》では、そういった色彩と面積の関係性による造形感覚に着目した作品である。

The brightness of colours can have a relative effect on the area, shape and neighbouring colors, but in “Area Conversion”, the sense of form brought about by the relationship between color and area is explored.
Firstly, the Valeur, the visual brightness, of each color used in an arbitrary grid image is calculated, then by adjusting the area so bright colors are small, and faint colors are large, a balanced state is produced in which all colored surfaces within the image have the same visual brightness.