Takayoshi Ohara


display, computer

1200 x 720 x 77 [mm] x 2


《Numerics》 starts from the point of using modern technology toward a logical interpretation of visual harmony. This study then seeks to develop more concrete, stringent, and valid laws applicable to visual harmony in the composition and layouts of two-dimensional images. In the most basic step before considering various comparisons and ratios relating to image composition, our eyes first sense whether the shapes in an image are set out uniformly. With regard to this, we have investigated the spacing of typographic characters, a realm that is thought to be governed by certain settled, ubiquitous solutions. This work specifically puts the implications of that inquiry to use in the layouts of whole images. It produces, in the form of images, the process of altering the visual order of precedence of multiple shapes set out in an image, using our own physics simulation, until they reach a state of equilibrium, as well as the results of this process.