Takayoshi Ohara


5-Displays, 3D Sensor, PC

W1500 × H2200 × D1000 [mm]

本作は、5台のワイドディスプレイと3Dセンサーによって構成される「Head-Coupled Perspective」の技術を用いたインスタレーション作品です。

This artwork is an installation piece that utilizes the “Head-Coupled Perspective” technology, consisting of five wide displays and 3D sensors. On the displays, a life-sized 3D model of the artist, generated using volumetric capture technology, is projected, continuously sending gazes in various directions. The virtual viewpoint within the artwork is always set along the extension of this gaze, tracking the viewer’s perspective. Only when the 3D model and the viewer’s gaze “meet,” creating a unified spatial experience on different display planes, does the integrated spatiality emerge.
However, if the 3D model looks away or if the sensor tracking is disrupted by the intervention of other viewers, this spatial coherence collapses. At such times, anamorphoses (distortions) are projected onto each display, transforming them from transparent media to physical supports.
By introducing the bi-directionality of gazes as a condition for the establishment of virtual space, this artwork blurs the relationship between the viewer (subject) and the viewed (object), and the perceptual experience arising from this gradient suggests the possibility of a contemporaneous reality where the coexistence of the real and the imaginary is evident.

CC キッズ・プログラム 2023「こんにちは、もうひとりのじぶん」出品作家によるギャラリー・トーク